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Insight Before Execution – When The Magic Is In The Logic

January 22, 2010


From Droga5 Sydney comes this brilliant idea: “The VB Drinking Chip”. It’s a snack developed to compliment a chilled VB beer, making you drink more of it. It’s allegedly the “The best hot chip made for the best cold beer”. Anyone who buys a case of VB stubbies will receive a bag of the chips. […]

“That’s one small step for a planner, one giant leap for Martell.”

December 2, 2009


I haven’t posted for a while, not since April to be specific. Mostly because I’ve been too busy. But also because I haven’t felt like it. And forcing myself to write this blog would seem to defeat the object of why I started writing it in the first place. But today I felt like posting again. […]

Buy an ad career on eBay!

April 19, 2009


Aspiring creatives dreaming about an advertising career in London (realizing they don’t have the required experience and qualifications) now have the opportunity to give their career a kick-start via eBay. It’s Craig Kind, a recent graduate from The Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, who’s auctioning a starter kit for lazy careerists with their hearts […]

Storytelling for Humans

March 10, 2009


When good, old-fashioned TV storytelling is done well, it’s an incredibly powerful means for brands to forge bonds with their audiences. And as spirit brands, much like most categories these days, seem to be cutting down on their advertising spend, it makes a powerful leadership statement to raise one’s voice when everyone else is quiet. […]

Logic or magic…how does the work work?

February 18, 2009


All of us harbour a theory about how advertising works because when asked, everyone has an opinion on what works and what doesn’t. But we’re not always aware what that theory really is and how it found its way into our heads. More often than not it is predicated on the assumption that people’s behaviour […]

Pragmatic creativity beats the gloom…

February 5, 2009


If you haven’t drowned in panic-ridden articles, gloomy reports and presentations on what to do in the current economic downturn quite yet, you’ll find what Hyundai have done in the US a truly pragmatic and equally brilliant idea. It’s not an ad idea, but a marketing idea with the potential to truly disrupt the US […]

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat. (It makes creativity happen.)

January 31, 2009


“In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” Eric Hoffer. Being a learner is an attitude. A wonderful one at that. The attitude of being learned on the other hand is possibly the most powerful creativity-killer in the ad […]