Her name is Annie…

Posted on December 29, 2008


This post has very little to do with communication, creativity, brands, planning and advertising. Nothing to be precise. But it does involve emotion. Lots of it.

I’ve been very busy with work lately, which is the reason I haven’t updated this site more frequently. And I won’t write about any of the above until Jan 2009.

It’s not that I’ve run out of steam, not at all, it’s just that I’m currently trying to collect my thoughts on what needs to be done in 2009: what I want to achieve. In the face of the current economic gloom, I’m actually really excited about 2009. Oddly enough, I have a really good feeling about it. Call me delusional.

This post, however, has nothing to do with work and doesn’t require an explanation or a lengthy oration so I’ll cut straight to the chase.

I stumbled across this clip just now and realised that I, unlike Cat Stevens, have already found her – my hard-headed woman. How lucky I am. My search is over. If there’s one woman on the face of this earth who’s earned the epithet, hard-headed, it’s her. My wife. Annie. She’s a woman you don’t mess with.

I love my hard-headed woman, particularly her hard-headedness. I look up to her, admire her, adore her.  She completes me. That’s why I’m posting this. Felt compelled to.

“hard-headed woman…one who will take me for myself…one who will make me do my best…and if I find her, I will need nobody else…the rest of my life will be blessed”

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