Ethics in Advertising

Posted on October 4, 2007



Ethics in advertising is a hot topic for debate. Always has, always will be. We all take pleasure in joining the debate from time to time, don’t we?

Reality is that agencies and brands today need ethics embedded in their corporate DNA more than at any other point in history. No one gets away with unethical conduct these days, as the consumer’s voice has become empowered by technology in our digitalized, networked world. The voice of influence in society today has become democratised. So it’s in everyone’s interest to be self-scrutinising, as people [those individuals companies call consumers] to an increasing degree seem to favour choices they see as more genuine, authentic and ethical.

You may have seen our latest film for Sony HD World over on Rob’s blog. If you haven’t, click here for a viewing. I can assure you that we as an agency took our full social responsibility in the making of this ad. No humans or animals were harmed. And the impact on the environment was negligible (apart from a yellow plastic bag).

You see we had learned from other agencies’ mistakes on the SONY account in the past and wanted to ensure history didn’t repeat itself.

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