Subliminal Pursuation

Posted on September 4, 2007


For those of you who doubt advertising’s ability to paint specific images in our minds, perhaps this clip with Derren Brown could turn you into a believer.

I find it fascinating how brilliantly receptive our minds are to sensory stimulus, visual and otherwise; the amount of information we absorb subconsciously without our conscious mind being aware is astounding.

This clip would suggest to me that more often than not, we have absolutely no clue in our conscious minds what it is that affects our behaviour, what the sources of infuence are. But since we prefer to see ourselves as rational beings, acting within the realm of reason and logic, we convince ourselves that we know exactly WHY we act the way we do. We even create detailed and often elaborate stories to explain it.  These make-believe, post-rationalised stories make up for an alarming share of focus group discussions and individuals’ responses to direct questioning. But in the context of market research, they’re rarely referred to other than as accurate and truthful, are they?

It’s sometimes too hard to accept reality, isn’t it? Especially when it means letting go of ‘certainty’.

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