Mountain Rescue

Posted on May 8, 2007



Marcus Brown, aka The Dead Artist, has created this beautiful piece of art called Mountain Rescue. Marcus painted it to help his friend, Paul raise money for the Mountain Rescue; the very people who saved Paul and Paul’s friend, Tom after a huge snow fight they didn’t pick with a mountain in Scotland. It seems they caught the mountain on one of its moodiest days. And it drew first blood.

Thank God it ended well for Paul and Tom.

Marcus has given me (and you too if you want to help) permission in writing to decorate my blog with his lovely painting of his and to let you know that you too can help Marcus and Paul. Please go here to find out how.  

Part of me really wants that painting for myself, for the wall in my living room. But after reading Paul’s story about his terrifying ordeal in Glen Coe, I realise that I won’t be able to do the Mountain Rescue financial justice. I am hoping you can.                                                  


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