Time To Enjoy

Posted on April 19, 2007


Time To Enjoy

In my previous post, I wrote about the importance of living (one’s own life) in the moment. Theodore “T-bag” Bagwell, portrayed by Robert Knepper, the viciously intelligent and rather witty killer from the TV-show Prison Break knows what I’m talking about. And so do the Italians, as T-bag will tell you in this two minute clip.

To cut a long story short, T-bag wants access to the local post office to get an address from their files. The woman he picks up in this coffee shop is his ticket to it. He’s done a quick background check on her before he moves in and learnt that her ex-husband was a dentist. That’s all the information he needs.

There is little point in posting this other than:

1. Robert Knepper is phenomenal as T-bag and I really like him as an actor (which I can’t say about a lot of the others on the show).
2. I love the dialogue in this clip.
3. I felt a need to balance my previous post with something undisputedly more shallow.
4. What T-bag is driving at is directly linked to my previous post about living in the moment.

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