The Energy Inside

Posted on March 7, 2007


The agency I work for has come up with something called Brand Energy. This is a representation of perceptions that a brand is moving in a particular direction; that it has a clear (perceived) purpose in the world. The measure of Brand energy is established by performing a regression analysis of actual stock performance against specific brand imagery.  

Energy has also been integrated in our global brand evaluation tool, Brand Asset Valuator which interviewed 500,000 consumers about 35,000 brands in 44 countries. No, it isn’t rocket science (though some people treat it as such). Neither is it an idea-generation tool, but it can be a useful gauge for brand performance, which can be applied to compare brands and to figure out what works and what doesn’t (sorry, I meant to say what has worked and what hasn’t).

Our agency is pushing this Energy “tool” across its global network and also trying to turn Energy into something synonymous with Y&R; adding a new dimension to the agency brand.  So if one of the objectives is to energize a tired agency network brand and also show that we, as an agency, live what we preach (bringing the brand to life – energizing it – at every touchpoint), I think our Rio De Janeiro office is doing an excellent job at it.    


Receptionists at Y&R Rio De Janeiro


We’re trying our very best in our office too. And although our alternative form of energy comes in a somewhat different physical shape and form, the sheer power of its physical manifestation a.k.a. as Rob Campbell can be felt throughout our office, region and entire global network. This energy form is Anger. Pure anger. And it has the potency to ignite and energize any brand in the world.



Rob Campbell. 

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