Small-mindedness Slowly Suffocates Agency

Posted on January 25, 2007




Our creative planning department will grow by 50% next week when we’re joined by Hari, a wonderful human being with a lovely, intuitive and creative mind. I am hoping that with Hari on board all of us will have time to actually “think” (which can be highly useful for a planning department) and also do some really interesting stuff (for the benefit of clients, agency and ourselves) aside from managing the day-to-day work.


Hari came by the office today with some of his stuff in 4 big boxes. While he was over here he told me a story that left me both upset and fuming with anger. He said that the agency he is leaving is giving him a really hard time because they want him to stay on for a bit longer to help them out. You can’t blame them for asking, but when he politely declined, feeling obliged to honour his contract with us, as well as being keen to join our team, his long time employer started playing dirty.


What really got me in what he told me is that they’re refusing to clear his expense claims including air tickets and hotel accommodation. The small-mindedness, selfishness and utter lack of ethics in this conduct are despicable. Not to mention that it is illegal. In a small city like Singapore, these kinds of stories spread like wildfire. No self-respecting individual with at least average intelligence is ever going to want to work in that agency….ever (particularly since Hari tells me they pay only marginally more than the spastic society).


I’ve lived long enough (unfortunately) to know I shouldn’t be surprised, but it still astounds me how advertising agencies are experts of doing the exact opposite to what they preach.  

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