What are gyms for…really?

Posted on January 3, 2007


In an effort to preempt a sudden, societal obesity epidemic arising from the seemingly constant food orgies of the Christmas holidays, I went to our condo gym on the morning of Christmas Eve to do what little I can for this cause. In my mind, my reason for coming to the gym was pretty clear [although the real reason may be slightly more vain than indicated above].  

While on the treadmill sweating and burning the access fuel my body has stored for me [in case the Singapore winter should be freezing cold this year and I would need extra heat and insulation], the sign on the wall in front of me struck me as rather peculiar. I thought to my self that in case every single rule on this sign has a valid reason for existence, it is obvious some people have a very different idea from mine about what gyms are for.  


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