Two kinds of pain

Posted on December 14, 2006



I went to my dentist yesterday. It was a painful experience, not because of the procedure itself but because he made me keep my mouth wide open for over two hours. I figured I must have looked like Rob Campbell’s friend, Paul, who after a few beers decided to eat ice cream directly under the machine at a dessert buffet in some restaurant. 

In the waiting room before my gaping session, I spotted Tom Cruise and Katie Homes on the cover of Hello. On the back cover was Nicole Kidman looking sad for Omega. I wondered if she perhaps looked that way because she wanted to take Tom’s spot on the front cover, or maybe she wanted to be there together with him. Whatever the reason, I found it quite amusing. I think it must be hard being Tom these days. I know he’s got these amazing “technologies” and “tools” at his disposal to help him navigate through life (together with a fair bit of cash) but seeing his ex-wife literally everywhere he looks can’t be easy…..even with a full toolbox.  

Yes, I agree. This post is absolutely pointless.  

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