Anti Fast Food

Posted on May 26, 2006



To every problem there is a solution. All it takes is a bit of thinking.

I think the “Break-Fast Dog Food Bowl” designed to prevent dogs from eating too fast is genius. Apparently, eating too fast isn’t good for dogs either (it’s not only me who suffers from it). This bowl is marketed as a way to help prevent Gastric Dilatation/Volvulus (GDV), when a dog’s stomach distends with air to the point that it goes into shock and possibly dies.

The three prongs sticking up from the bowl act as barriers to keep a dog from snatching up mouthfuls of dry or wet dog food. The base of the bowl doesn’t have a rubber base and will therefore slide across the floor. This is also supposed to slow the eating down. It makes sense to me. However, I can understand if dogs get really frustrated with their “run-away dinner”.

Anyway, I am quite tempted to take this idea further and design a plate/bowl for people that serves the same purpose. I can see a new restaurant concept based on this ‘slow plate concept’ be quite fun and entertaining. Other obstacles to reduce speed can also be added to the experience. And I would be very happy to open a restaurant like this (with someone else’s start-up capital). Would it work?

The insight is clearly that long, ‘proper’ sit-down meals (lunch and dinner) is a platform for better, stronger and richer relationships both in a work and family context. Not to mention how enjoyable, relaxing and healthy it is for the individual. Every anthropologist and sociologist on this planet would probably agree with that since eating is quite an ‘intimate’ activity in which people momentarily seem to take a break from the world/reality around them and focus on relationships and social issues.   

The proposition would be:  “A bloody time consuming meal that gives you time to focus on the important things in life”

Idea: “As Slow As It Gets”

Would people put up with (and submit themselves to) being deliberately slowed down by constraining eating devices….even if it’s just for fun in a gimmicky restaurant? I doubt it but it would be interesting to find out. One thing’s for sure, people would get a better understanding of what some dogs have to put up with on a daily basis.

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